Visiting Artist and Poet Program

Artists and poets who are interested in a short residency in the beautiful French countryside are invited to submit their cv’s and proposals to the galerie. We anticipate that artists/poets from outside Europe will visit for one to two weeks.  Lodging will be provided. It is expected that the artist/poet will provide at least one lecture/workshop on their craft while they are here. Artists will be expected to present an art show during their stay which may include pieces produced during the residency. A small fee may be charged at the workshops to help reimburse the galerie for expenses. Limited painting supplies such as canvasses and paint are available in a nearby town or may be ordered ahead of time online and delivered. There are many local artists, and we are researching the use of local kilns, etc., for those working in different media. Artists and poets are encouraged to bring items for sale such as small paintings, books, postcards, prints, etc. Poets will be expected to give a reading during their stay. All details will be worked out ahead of time with each poet/artist. Poets and artists living inside Europe are also invited to submit proposals either for a residency or a short visit for a day or two to present an art show, workshop, lecture or reading.  Group readings and shows are also possible.  As soon as renovations on the galerie are finished (anticipated by December 2017), lectures and shows will be held at the galerie. It is anticipated that by 2018, a live-in studio with bathroom and kitchen attached to the galerie will be completed.


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